Why smuggling drugs on an international flight is like sex in high school

Have you ever wondered about people who smuggle drugs on a flight?  Have you or know of anyone who has taken drugs on an international flight?  What do you think are the important factors in a successful smuggle? Is like its shown on TV?  If you ask me, luck plays a pivotal role in such risky situation. So here is a story of one such lucky incident that happened in my life where I tried doing something really stupid and walked away unscathed .

Let’s rewind the clock back to the year 2006. I was living in Bangalore at the time and had a job with a multinational company.  I had been working for a few years and was drawing a pretty good salary.  I had been a pot smoker for a long time by then which had expanded to other psycho active drugs available at that time (LSD, Extacy ,MDMA ,Ketamine etc). Bangalore had a bursting underground psytrance scene, and I was right in the thick of things. Psychedelia became a way of life and with the regular rave parties an alternative lifestyle was born in Bangalore. Along with chillums and space-age clothing, Charas became a status symbol among the wana-be hippies. Everybody in the scene had good sources for Ganja but very few had a good piece of Charas in their pockets! After all those years of being part of this underground scene, I had my Charas contact sorted and something I took with me everywhere.

My job was nothing great, just a mundane desk job. But then one day things changed, I got called one evening to the office of  my bosses boss . The reason for the meeting was to give me an immediate promotion and to be sent on a 5 month project to the US. My lucky day! Later I found out that I got the job because people who were meant to go on this project dint have passports!! Luck! Anyways I was ready with my passport and got my 10 year multiple entry visas to the US just like that.

Source – Google

As soon as I got the Visa and my tickets to fly to JFK (New York), I was worried how I would sustain my insatiable appetite for pot smoking while in the US? Will I be able to score some there? Will I get to go to some parties? This was my thought process, and I dint seem to care much about my work or my company! Finally the decision was made that I will take a 30 gms (3 tolas) ball of Charas with me on the flight.

My 1st challenge was to decide if it will go in the check in luggage, cabin luggage or on me somewhere? The 3rd option was my least favored and I was pretty sure that I dint want to stuff the Charas up my asshole.  Eating it with a condom was a another option, but nah.. not my style. The check in luggage was a good option, but I felt insecure with the Charas not being with me. So finally I decided to keep it close to me in my check in luggage. The idea was to be in full control of the situation.

Photo for illustration purpose only

After a lot of thinking, I came up with this brilliant plan to fool the authorities in case I’m caught. I decided to put the ball of Charas in one of the inside pockets of my laptop bag. Just like that, no plastic covering … nothing. Just the black ball in a small pocket.This laptop and the bag were my companies and I had just gotten it a few days back. The idea was if someone caught me , I was to tell them that I dint know what that black ball was or how It came there! And the fact that it was a company laptop and the authorities should check with them instead. Fool proof  and brilliant ain’t it! Well however stupid that sounds, that was my only plan.

Finally it’s the day to fly out.  It’s a proud day for my parents, who come to drop me off at the airport. As I took my parents blessing I’m feeling like ill need it this time. I am ready to check in,I’ve got the laptop bag around my shoulder, along with my backpack. As I approach the security at the check in my heart is pumping hard. I’m not scared but definitely had butterflies in my stomach. Luckily it was a busy night with many international flights and my laptop bag got through the customs without any problem.  I had a small grin as I thanked the hariyanavi airport official as he handed me my bag.  This called for a mini celebration as I got myself a drink as soon as the flights too off.

Man eating pan parag

Next stop was Frankfurt where I was meant to rendezvous with 2 of my other colleague and then take my connecting flight to New York.  As I got to Frankfurt airport, I started looking for these 2 guys. It took me 20 minutes of frantic search before I spotted 2 Indians in oversized jackets in a corner of the airport trying to eat something out of a small plastic rapper!  I had found them. At closer inspection I realized they were sharing a packet of pan parag and loving it!

Final destination JFK airport New York. After a grueling 11 hour flight from Frankfurt we had arrived at JFK. I had not slept too well on the flight. I was getting pretty nervous. At one point I even went the flight toilet to flush the Charas down the toilet. But I hung on, I thought that was probably not the right decision!

We touch down at JFK international airport around 9 pm. As I was standing in queue to get my passport stamped my US immigration, I noticed the next stop was the customs officer who were opening and inspecting bagages of random travelers.

A man is screened with a backscatter x-ray machine as travellers go through a TSA security checkpoint in terminal 4 at LAX in Los Angeles My heart rate increased instantly. I just told myself to be cool and everything was going to be fine.  Finally got to the customs officer, who was a middle-aged white man. He asked me to open my backpack and ran a swab over it and inside it and put it in this machine. By this time I had started to feel weak in my knees with fear and just wanted to get this over with. The officer asked me a few routine questions while the machine tried to analyze the chemical traces on the swab. And then he looked over to my side and siad  “Have a good day sir!” and just like the search was over. The sawb dint show any traces of drugs and I was free to go! The laptop bag with the Charas still hanging on my shoulder felt a lot lighter now.  I needed to find a place to sit down and collect my thoughts. I was feeling light-headed and my knees wobbly and some deep breaths in a dirty airport toilet were required to calm myself down.

841d91ad527dd803cfdd6edb00f3ca4dTook a cab to long island and checked into our hotel at midnight. Got in my room, put on the heater and rolled a big fat joint of the manali cream.  As I sat by the window watching the snow fall and the warm room filled up with the aromatic smoke of this beautiful herb. I remember the feeling quite clearly. I was feeling on top of the world! Words can do justice to the relief and joy when one walk out of the airport successfully with drugs in their bags! It is a rollercoaster of emotions that one goes through and luckily in my case it ended up with me feeling like a king

Please Note: The Charas was never brought with the intention of selling. I took it on an international flight because I was stupid enough to do so. I will not recommend this to anybody . Ganja (weed) is available in every part of the world! It is just not worth the risk taking it on a flight. But if you do end up being stupid like me, then remember a few important things. Keep the amounts low, as the machines are designed to catch bigger quantities. Never carry cocaine, as all systems are specially designed to catch cocaine. The most important of all is to be cool and believe in your success.

This was a start to a very eventful five months for me in America, more of which will be written about in future blogs.  Especially the one where a beggar takes me on a 4 hour walking spree through the streets of Baltimore in search of weed! And also the events of one stormy night on st Patrick ’s Day. I feel I have so much to write about. What about you? Have you had similar experience? Leave a comment if you do, I would love to hear from you.


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